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Killer Cross-Stitch

I need another hobby like I need less hours in the day. There are so many rabbit holes on the web and a good place to get lost is in a new Facebook group. A friend of the internet mentioned The Witchy Stitcher. I think I favorited just about every pattern in her shop. Her group is great too, so many helpful individuals if you are just starting out or if you just want to share a finished project that you're proud of.

I have had a collection of embroidery floss and patterns that my mom gave a long time ago. I've done small projects here and there, but never committed to anything that would amount to an actual project. Before my recent trip to Colorado, I got the bright idea to start a project to gift my sister (two days before her birthday). Needless to say, it was little late. Here is a little time lapse video of me working on it:

Sometimes is nice to have something to do in the car, at a soccer game, or having coffee with a friend when you can't be at your machine.

Here is the finished project

Click here for link to this pattern.

A couple more shops that have really cute patterns and notions found here:

- Oh My Stitches (amazing customer service, I can't wait to work on the patterns I purchased from her)

- The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

- Stitchrovia

- Stitchingland

- Find Free Patterns and other stuff at DMC Needle Craft Supplies

Here are a few of my favorite notions when stitching:

My Booklet Pouch- Made by Me, Pattern by Aneela Hoey

1. Thread Magic

2. DMC Embroidery Needles

3. Dritz Needle Storage Tube

4. Needle Minders from Hobby Lobby

5. DMC Floss Bobbins

6. Floss Card Winder

7. Badge Reel from Hobby Lobby

8. Mini Scissors from Fat Quarter Shop

9. Clip on light by Might Bright

When I posted my pouch, I had some interest in some possible custom orders. If you think I should stock some pouches leave a comment and/or send me a message.

Thanks for reading!

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