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Another First...

Since I joined my first quilt guild back in October in 2017, that's all I ever want to look at when I'm killing time on Instagram. I love all of the different aspects of quilting; the designs, the fabric, and the quilting itself.

I came across Stefanie Satterwhite's Instagram and began 'hearting' several of her photos. She definitely has a 'style', and it totally speaks to me. It's geometric, it's bright, it's gorgeous. When she posted that she was coming out with her own pattern, The Suncake Quilt, I bit off much more than I could chew and offered to test the super throw size.

Stephanie was nice enough to give me a chance and I was excited to print off the pattern when she sent it over. I call myself an experienced sewist, but definitely a beginner quilter. This pattern is so well thought out from beginning to end, exactly what I needed. She gives a few color palette options in the pattern as well. I printed the pattern out on my monochrome laser printer and totally loved the gray scale look of the pattern, so that's the color scheme I went with. I used all Kona Cotton Solids in Bone, Black, Ash, Steel, Coal, and Pewter. Because there are so many combos and triangles, I followed Stephanie's instructions carefully and utilized some sticky notes for labeling.

It was a breeze putting the quilt together and I couldn't be happier with the outcome!

As a thank you for hosting me at her home and showing me NYC for the first time, I mailed off this quilt to one of my long time best friends Amanda. Can't wait to see it in her new apartment next time I go back to visit.

Thanks for reading through my post and don't forget to check out Stephanie's new pattern here.

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