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My First Post!

Okay, here goes nothing! I started this up a few weeks ago and have been racking my brain trying to figure out what my first post should be about. I thought I should play it safe and do something that I actually have good pictures to pair with it. Well, then there is no question.

My husband and I recently heard about a farm/market/orchard that was giving away 10 pounds of peaches for FREE! All you had to do was pick them yourself. We ended up going on the very last day that they were offering the freebies. We went to The Market at Grelen and it was AMAZING. It was about 45 minutes from where we live, outside the town of Orange. We were absolutely blown away when we got out of the car.

My girls Addison (9) and Paige (2) couldn’t wait to explore! … And I wanted to start planning the wedding I never had! This place was way more than I ever expected. It had a large pavilion for events, and right across from that was the market, which had a lot of gorgeous things for sale from art and home decor to actual produce that had already been picked. I spoke to one of the (super friendly!) staff members about the peaches and she handed me 2 bags and sent us on our way.

Trees upon trees FULL of peaches. We filled up our bags about half way and walked around a bit. They had raspberry bushes that were just about finished for the season and a small apple orchard that wasn’t quite ready for picking.

I took the peaches in for weighing and we ended up with 11 pounds, and they were so generous they let us take that extra pound for free as well. We also decided to do a mini photo shoot since the girls were wearing their new shirts I had just made for them. I used the Happy Tank from Hey June. Best part? The pattern is FREE! I love free patterns. It’s a great way to build up your collection if you’re a newbie and it’s a nice way to try out a new designer. Not every designer will fit your style, there are more ways to design a pattern as well as the instructions than one would think. This pattern was so simple, great for beginners and super fast for advanced sewists. It’s to be made with knit fabric but don’t let that scare you off! The fabric I used for the girls tanks was found at Joann Fabrics, they were having their red tag sale where you take an additional 50% off the clearance price. I got one yard of the floral fabric which is a scuba knit for $3!! I bought 1/4 of the red stretch lycra (for the neck, arms, and braids) for a few dollars. They came together very easily and the girls love to wear them, especially when it’s hot out. One tip, since the tutorial is online, I like to print it as a PDF and save it with my files/patterns. One way to do this is to use this tool. I would give more details, but you can find those through google and to be honest, my techy husband did it all for me. He was also the amazing photographer for all of these photos. He will tell you that taking pictures is easy and that his aren’t ‘that great’. But come on, look at them!

Alright, I hope you enjoyed this post. It was longer than I anticipated, but I think it came out ok? Let me know what you think and leave a comment below.

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